Welcome to the Therapy office of Julie Plaut Warwick, MA LMHCA.  Julie specializes in working with individuals and families.  Julie likes working with Autistics and their support systems. Families, friends etc…  She helps parents to navigate the IEP process and guides families to empower their Autistic family members to learn how to advocate for themselves.

She also specializes in loss and grief including working with children and adult’s of all ages and stages. Julie helps her clients to navigate their new normal. Grief is not only about death but the loss of something precious in my clients lives. Life is lived from Transition to Transition. Her goal is to help ease the transition.

Julie uses creative interventions such as art, music, play and laughter when she works with all of her clients.  She creates a warm and safe environment which leads to a good therapeutic relationship with her clients.  Julie looks forward to working with you and creating a therapeutic bond.