Julie Plaut Warwick earned a Masters in Counseling from Antioch University Seattle.  She is a liscenced Mental health Counselor Associate and practices under the supervison of Ann Lazaroff.  She  is aligned with the positive psychology movement and tends to use a mindfulness approach. In addition to talk therapy she brings in creative arts iinterventions such as music,art, laughter and play therapy. She has experience working with all ages and has an affinity to working with the Autism communities, Autistic people and their support systems. She also specializes in working with Loss and Grief.
In Addition to her private practice julie is an extern at the Healing Center of Seattle, A grief support group where she co facilitates the littles group and healing club 1,2,3.
Julie has also earned a Bachelors degree in Music Education and Is  a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher. She has also spent many years as Parent and Early Childhood Educator.
The Origins of Peaceful Owl Counseling

I was minding my own business and writing my last paper for graduate school.  All of a sudden a large barred Owl flew by my window and landed on top of the umbrella on my deck.  I felt a need to go out and visit with it. We hung out together for over a half hour and I felt a sense of calm and awe from that experience. After it was over I did some research about owls.

“In cultures worldwide, the owl is a symbol of wisdom, power, intuition, mystery, protection, messages and change.  Owl energy has a peaceful and protective vibration and as “rulers of the night” they teach us to acknowledge our shadow selves. The owl invites you to peer into the dark as they can and they give you courage to accept and come to love all that you find there”. (www.wakingowl.com)

Life is lived from transition to transition and it is important that we use the wisdom from our experiences to bring us more Joy, Peace and Wisdom.